Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Meanest Mommy in the World

Last night at dinner:

Grace: Bibbity, bobbity, boo--I turned you into a nice mommy!

Me: Wow--it worked so fast. Must be because I was already a nice mommy.

Grace: No, you weren't. But you are now because I cast a spell on you.

Me: Hmmm...well, what exactly do nice mommies do?

Grace: Nice mommies, when their children ask them if they can have mac & cheese for dinner, they say yes.

At least I know where I fall short.


Becky and Chris said...

You have the most cutest of kids! I just read the witch one to Chris and that got him laughing too. I think my kids would like to know about Bibbity bobbity boo but no such propaganda/or spell is aloud in our house as is nothing pink. I've tried! Purchasivo Pinkonious!

Christiejo said...

Brianna would change the mac and cheese for dinner comment to the mac and cheese for breakfast. That's the request that I never give in to!