Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Little Charming

The other night Eric curled up on my lap, getting in some good snuggletime before bed. In one of his most loquacious moments ever, he shared the following:

"When I grow up I am going to be a prince, like Prince Phillip, and have a real sword. I am not going to be like Prince Eric--he's boring [yeah, I always thought Ariel's prince was a total wuss, too]. Even though my name is Eric. I will still be Eric, but I will be like Prince Phillip. With a sword. And I will fight the naughty guys. And Adalyn will be my princess, because she is beautiful. And she will be the princess, like Princess Aurora, and wear a beautiful dress, and I will be her prince and I will save her from the naughty things, like dragons, and I will kick them and hit them with my sword, and say 'AUUUUUUHHHH,' and they will be so scared. And I will be scared, too, because dragons are scary. And witches are scary. But I will still fight them even if I am scared, because I will be the prince. Princes have to fight. With swords. Sorry, sweetie-mommy, they HAVE to. That's it. The end. And, and, and--Adalyn will be the princess and I will marry that. Okay, that's all."

Who needs Jane Austen with romance like this flying around the house?

Monday, June 22, 2009

The List: Next Generation

Yesterday Mia entertained herself for more than an hour writing all the words she knows how to spell in a wire-bound notebook. I was mightily impressed with the sheer quantity of words she has committed to memory--she filled pages and pages with her sprawling script.

When she was done she brought me a torn-out sheet. "This is a list of my favorite things," my future spelling bee champ informed her doting mama.

The List read as follows:





D-E-L-I-A, with M-O-M added in after, in case I missed the reference, because she's smart enough to recognize that her penchant for referring to her mother by middle name is not the norm.

I'm thinking, A.) at least God and temple made it on the list ahead of Disney's Princess of Pop, B.) at least Mom made the list, even in dead last position, and C.) should I be worried that two of her five favorite things are variations of what starts with "Hannah" and ends with "Montana?"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Girls' Night Out (No Salon for June)

I really, really, REALLY need a Girls' Night Out!

This Friday a few of us are going to catch the new Sandra Bullock movie. Email or call if you want the theatre/show time info.

Because of this, we'll skip the salon for June, and because I'll be out of town part of July, we'll skip July as well.

The good news is, this gives you plenty of time to prepare your list of Must-Reads for August, where we'll be sharing our favorite children's/teen/young adult books. More details to come...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eavesdropping Outside the Bedroom Door

Mercie: Hello, my name is Mercie and I go potty. I like going potty.

Mia: How do you go potty, Mercie?

Mercie: Like a rock star! Oh yeah!


On second thought, some things are better unexplained.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Channeling His Inner Johnny Cash (Bonus Points If You Can Name That Song...)

Mia: I am going to have one boy and one girl, and I will name them Thomas and Honey Bear.

Grace: I am going to have 21 kids and they will all be girls, and I will name them Grace and Grace and Grace and Grace and Grace and Grace and Grace and Grace and Grace...(you get the idea)

Eric: I know! I know! I have the best one! I will have one boy when I grow up and I will name him....SPARKLES!!!

I threw a few more bucks in the therapy fund since it now appears that it will serving my grandchildren, too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Pretty Mama

People usually think she's my sister, which is fine until they ask if I'm older. My brother sent these pics from a recent visit home (that's his cute little patootie in the top and bottom picture; my step dad Dale in the middle one), and it reminded me for the millionth time that I have a pretty mama. Who can fear growing old with genes like this? Lucky me :).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Should I Be Worried?

Mom: Why do you like Hannah Montana so much?

Grace: Omigosh, Mom, because she is SOOOO funny! And-- she kisses boys!

I think I'm in trouble.