Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Random Bits

Mom: "After you are baptized, something special happens. You are....???"

Grace: "Wet!"

Mom: "Um, something besides that. It's when you receive the gift of...."

Grace: "A blessing! A priesthood blessing!"

Mom: "Well, it IS a blessing, but it's a special one that we call a c--"

Grace: "Conference!"

Mom: "Noooo.... it's called 'con--'"

Grace: "Conscience? Consider? Consonant?"

Mom: "No."

Grace: "Confused?"

Mom: "Apparently."


Mom: "Would you rather eat a bowl full of boogers or a pile of poop?"

Eric: "A bowl full of boogers, a bowl full of boogers!!"

Mom: "Eeeewwww! Are you sure about that?"

Eric: "Yeah. 'Cuz I already eat boogers all the time. Like this."
(I'll spare you the description of what followed).


Grace: "What if my new teacher at my new school doesn't speak English?"

Mom: "She speaks English."

Grace: "But what if she doesn't??? And what if I can't understand her, because she only speaks Spanish?"

Mom: "If she speaks Spanish, she'll be able to speak English, too, so you'll get to learn Spanish AND speak English." (this is sooooo a moot point, as her new teacher is a perky little blond born & bred in Happy Valley, but whatever...)

Grace: "But what if she speaks CALIFORNIA Spanish???"

Mom: "Eh...What the heck is California Spanish?"

Grace: "Mexican."