Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Morning Theology

A conversation overheard this morning:

Mia: Do birds poop?
Grace: Yes.
Mia: Do they pee?
Grace: I think so. Do cows poop?
Mia: That's disgusting! Cows make milk in their butts--they cannot poop in their butts! Ewwww!
Grace: Does Jesus poop?
Mia: Yes.
Grace: Does Jesus have a potty?
Mia: Of course. Does Satan poop?
Grace: No way! Satan doesn't have a body. He can't poop.
Mia: Hehe. Satan can't poop. Nyeh-nyeh, nyeh-nyeh, Satan can't poop. Only Jesus.

I promise, we actually do have genuinely spiritual conversations at times in our house.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Joys of Family Scripture Study

Okay, here are the REAL reasons I have daily scripture study with the kids:

Waking up to Grace and Mia playing in their room as Grace trills, "Ladies and gentlemen, announcing....the Promised Land!"

Walking down the stairs to hear Grace shrieking at the top of her lungs, "John the Baptist! John the Baptist! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I LOVE John the Baptist! It's the John-the-Baptist booty dance, mom! Oh yeah!"

Reading Joshua 24:15 with the kids and watching them create their own cheerleading shout, hands together in stack. "Ready, guys? One, two, three--IN OUR HOUSE, WE FOLLOW JESUS!!!"

"Eric, what's your favorite scripture story?" (This is a daily question. The answer is always the same). "Jesus' house! And he throwed the tables!" (Matthew 21: 12-14). It is SO appropriate that this would be Eric's favorite.

Watching Mia gyrate around the front room--"What are you doing, Mia?" "I'm being Jesus." "Um, what is Jesus doing?" "I'm Jesus shaking his booty." I figured, hey--she's seen Him more recently than I have. They probably had a rocking time up there.

Kids + doctrine= never a dull moment for Mommy.

If Only...

Last week I put detachable shoulder pads under a dress I was wearing. Late in the day I got tired of reattaching them so I reached up and slipped them out. Mia's eyes grew huge.

"Mommy! You took your breasts off!"

Yep. Every now and again I just need a break.