Sunday, July 19, 2015


Yesterday I took Jack and Annie to get haircuts.

Annie needed surprisingly little mommy-intervention (unlike last time, which was an unhappy experience for all of us), sitting up like a big girl and grinning into the mirror. She loves being pretty and being fussed over, so she was in little-girl heaven.

Jack jabbered away a million miles a minute, making friends with all the stylists and customers alike. He ended up sitting down at one end of the shop, where he couldn't see me once Annie was done and I took her back to the waiting area.

"Hey," he exclaimed cheerfully. "I need my mom! Where's she go? I love her SO MUCH!!! I her boy and she my mom. Where is she?"

What kind of five-year old announces to the whole place that he loves his mom SO MUCH? This kid is one of a kind. Of course, he also informed the stylist that he wanted his hair cut SO long, so he can put barrettes and braids in it, and he wants his hair to look like mommy's hair.

He's a weirdo, but he's my little weirdo, and I love him SO MUCH!!!