Thursday, December 17, 2009

Then & Now

Two weeks ago--

Mia: "For Christmas I want a Hannah Montana Barbie--another one--and a camera. That's all."


Mia: "For Christmas I want Santa to bring me a Wii and an Ipod Touch and a Kindle and a camera phone and an mp3 player. And a regular camera. And a scooter that goes by itself. That's all."

My little girl is growing up.


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Becky said...

I was thinking that maybe once they slowed down on the growth spurt life would finally get more affordable but I have the feeling now that that thought is the most idiotic I've ever had! How can you save for college when you have to save for the next pant size, the next camera, the next iPhone. Hah! Sorry, my kids aren't getting phones until they can drive and by then they might even be illegal for kids. Ah, how they grow.