Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If My Kids Ran the World

  • Mankind would survive on mac & cheese with hot dogs, juice boxes, and candy.
  • Putting away laundry, picking up toys, taking out the trash, and setting the table would earn valuable prizes and be accompanied by personal cheerleading squads EACH and EVERY time.
  • Mothers would have a silencer button.
  • The daily routine of every child would be equal parts playing outside/art projects/ watching Harry Potter movies.
  • Mommy would wear the hairstyles created for her by her insanely creative and gifted children out in public, preferably to church or to work.
  • Baths would happen once a year and consist of running through sprinklers.
  • Six would be the legal age to drive.
  • Hannah Montana would be our next-door neighbor.
  • Mommy would be married to Santa Claus or Uncle Dan, in that order of preference.

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