Monday, March 09, 2009

Deconstructing Gender Difference, Part Two

A.) Eric is my only boy. Eric also refuses to potty train. At all. He's going to be the only kindergartener still in diapers, but that's a different story.

Yesterday while getting ready for church--

Eric (dancing around the room naked): I have a penis! I have a penis! I ha-a-a-a-ve a penis!

Mommy: Yes, Eric you do have a penis. Now settle down and come get dressed.

Eric: Mercie has a penis, too.

Mommy: No, Mercie is a girl, so Mercie has a... (wait, let it come)...

Eric: A penis!

Mommy: No, girls don't have penises. What do girls have that boys don't have?

Eric: Underwear!

Only at our house.

B.) After church we went for a walk. Everyone was still in their Sunday clothes, so the girls were twirling around and pretending to be princesses.

Mommy: Wow, Mia, you look just like a princess in that twirly dress.

Eric: (pouting) I want to be a princess, too.

Mommy: How 'bout you can be a prince? A very handsome prince who fights the bad guys and saves the princesses?

Eric: No! I just want to be a princess and twirl!

Mia: Mommy, I think Eric is not exactly a boy.

Mommy: What do you mean?

Mia: I think he is like a girl-boy.

Mommy: What is a girl-boy?

Mia: It's like a boy, because he has a penis, but it's like a girl because he only wants to be a princess and stuff. So he's a girl-boy.

Seriously, with kids like these, who needs cable?


Becky said...

That is too funny! I'm one of the weird ones who came from a mostly girl house in which we didn't really put words to various parts of the body, especially boys parts. When I had my boys, Chris' mom called all the parts for what they are. According to Chris she's always done it (they had a pop-up book for teaching the facts of life, the horror!!). I was alright with that since most substitute names for the penis are really quite strange. We now just call it their private parts because boys with their imaginations and a constant audience of equally silly peers, can take any word and make it hilarious. So, Penis turned into the giggle word of the year, thus the renaming of said part. I've had my share of strange looks from "concerned" parents to last a life time. By the way, Isaac will also be wearing diapers to kindergarten. He has a fear of sitting on toilets. No. 1 is fine, but he comes up and demands a diaper when no. 2 strikes. AAAAhhhh!!!

mommymuse said...

Oh, please tell me Camille still has the pop-up book!!! That is priceless! I must see--hmm...I have a bag of books she gave me sitting in the closet--maybe I should take a closer look...I'm also a stickler for using correct terminology, but my kids are a little too open about things so we've had to make a rule that they can only use those words in our house--everywhere else they have to say "privates." This was especially necessary after Mia starting making up "ode to Eric's penis" kinds of songs... poor Eric. He's such a novelty in our estrogen-laden home--and boy, does he capitalize on that! I'd be thrilled if that child would only use a diaper for pooping. He won't even try sitting on the potty, and underwear--forget about it. Sigh.