Monday, March 29, 2010

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program

of reasons that we heart our new house, to bring you an Adorable Moment, compliments of Eric.

At bedtime last night I got in some good snuggle time, and threw in a '3 Things I Love About Eric' for good measure. He immediately responded with 5 things he loves about Mommy.

“I love you because you are so happy and smiling and you laugh, and I love you because you are so reverent at prayer time, and I love you because you get me stuff and I like you because I am your boy and, and, and—how many is this? Oh yeah, um, four. And I love you that you made me this pillowcase even though it’s ripped on this one edge but it’s still working and you don’t have to throw it away because it’s just a little hole.”

Did you get that, Mom? Apparently I have finally learned to be reverent at prayer time--and it actually garnered me some mommy brownie points in Ericland.

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