Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baldy Brainy Boy & His Priorities

A couple weeks ago I was bored so I asked Eric if I could cut his hair. "Okay," he said. "Can I shave it all off," asked Mother of the Year. "No way! Then I would be bald!" Smart boy. "Can I shave it all off if I give you a candy binky?" Eric didn't even have to think about it. "Sure!"
So I shaved Eric's hair off, a process that our whole family enjoyed immensely. (I did feel a TEENY bit guilty post-haircut, when I couldn't decide if he looked more like a miniature Holocaust survivor or a junior cancer patient).
Eric's love of sweets is legendary, and a couple of days later I decided to test it.
"Eric, if I give you a sucker can I cut your arm off?"
"No way! Then I would have no arm!"
Smart boy.
A few minutes later he ran back and climbed up on my lap.
"Well, how big is the sucker?"
That's my boy.


Elneeta said...

He looks like a Shaolin monk, and that is cool. He will be trendsetting the look before the new Karate Kid movie comes out this summer...

Steverino said...

He He He. I love it.