Sunday, January 17, 2010


For Christmas Grace's friends Hallie & Timmy gave her a locked diary. Her eyes lit up when I told her about my first diary, and how I used it to write my secrets--like, who I had a secret crush on, and which boys I liked the best.

Grace ran in her room and returned a minute later to proudly show me the first page in her diary, where she had written, "I lik jonivin."

Apparently she has been putting this diary to good use. With her proud permission, here is a transcript of Grace's "secrets."

page 1: "I lik jonivin."
page 2: "I hat eric."
page 3: "I lik mom."
page 4: "I lik mercie."

page 5: "I lik eric win hees nis. I hat eric win hees bad."
page 6: "I luv mom betar thin eric."
page 7: "I doo not lik eric."
page 8: "I hat you eric to."

page 9: "I hat you eric."
page 10: "I luv you mercie."
page 11: "mercie is funee."
page 12: "mia is mi bes fren."

page 13: "mia is wird."
page 14: "I dont lik eric."
page 15: "it is so fun win we play."
page 16: "isnt mia funee"

page 17: "i love you mom."

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Sindea Horste said...

OK, she is too darn CUTE. I love this. I am sad I missed out on these early shares and memories with Anya. I got thrown right in to hormones! I love your posts about the kids.