Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Mouths of Babes...

...should sometimes stay shut.

Today in Primary I was teaching a sweet little lesson--with help from puppets named Ella & Bessie--about the importance of using good words. Giving the children different real-life scenarios, I asked what they should do.

"What if I drop something heavy & it falls on my foot & it hurts really bad? Is it okay to say a bad word, like such a bad word that I don't even want to say it in church?"

Big-eyed Primary children around the room solemnly shook their heads 'no.'

My darling Mia pipes up from the back row.

" I know what bad word you would say! It's ---"

Red-faced Mommy rushed to shoosh her while every other grown-up in the room lost it.

Life becomes so much more transparent when you become a parent.


Savannah said...

Ha Ha Ha! Giggle, Giggle, Snort. That was funny!

Monica said...

ROFL!!!! There are no secrets when you have children.

Megan B said...

NO secrets there, ha ha ha! Trans-parent. Get it?

Sindea Horste said...

Bwahahahaaaaaaaaaa... So, do we get to know what that word is? Hehehehe.