Friday, June 12, 2009

Channeling His Inner Johnny Cash (Bonus Points If You Can Name That Song...)

Mia: I am going to have one boy and one girl, and I will name them Thomas and Honey Bear.

Grace: I am going to have 21 kids and they will all be girls, and I will name them Grace and Grace and Grace and Grace and Grace and Grace and Grace and Grace and Grace...(you get the idea)

Eric: I know! I know! I have the best one! I will have one boy when I grow up and I will name him....SPARKLES!!!

I threw a few more bucks in the therapy fund since it now appears that it will serving my grandchildren, too.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Sounds like Grace is channeling George Foreman! And I'm a sucker for 'A boy named Sue', but I think sparkles is worse than Sue! :)

Meredith said...

A Boy Named Sue and Too Many Daves. At least you are providing a variety influences. Might need to reread Too Many Daves though. I'm not sure she understood the ending.

Becky said...

"I have no response to that." I love the multiplicity of Graces. I know I wouldn't want more than one Becky around though I think my kids would like to have one of me each for their very own.

Megan B said...