Friday, October 31, 2008

Costume Craze

We actually made it out the door on time this morning--a minor miracle, considering that I was shepherding two butterfly princesses, one kitty princess, and a junior missionary out the door. Yes, Eric is a missionary for Halloween. That's what happens when you have three older sisters who run your life for you.

I did not dress up for Halloween. I am a Grown Up. I am a Professional Woman. I have Very Important Things to do all day long, and I can't do them if I'm wearing a tiara or a pointed hat or glitter makeup. That, and I spent so much time on the kids' costumes that I ran out of time to scrounge anything up for myself.

No need to worry, though. I dressed myself in what I thought was a nice, conservative work outfit. When I walked out of the closet Grace's eyes lit up. "Oh, Mommy! You found a costume, too!" I looked down at my very dull black skirt and black shirt. "Uh, what am I dressed up as?" "A weird lady!"

I thought you'd enjoy the picture of me crying my guts out.


tren said...

That's hilarious!

Edgy said...

That makes me chuckle. Heartily.

That's the same reason I'm not dressing up for Hallowe'en. Well, maybe. Fortunately, I have costumes from years past should I really want to dress up. But since I'm working from home today, what's the point? Maybe when we take the girls out tonight . . .

Becky and Chris said...

That is very funny! I'm already a scary enough person, let's not intensify it by looking the part. Mike and Melissa are planing on dressing up as Dwight and Angela from the Office, I must see that, well at least a photo since we aren't down there.

Krio Tity said...

I want pictures of the halloween princesses and the "missionary."
Be sure and include some stories to go with the pics.

Lucy said...

The teachers and students at my middle school weren't allowed to dress up for Halloween this year - too much commotion, I guess. But I had permission to dress up because "You have your own little world here in the library, Mrs. Johns," said the principal. So I thought about who or what I wanted to be all week. I never made it to the thrift shops, and on Thursday night, I frantically looked through the tub of dress-up clothes we keep for Emma and the grandkids. I found a lovely classic, black sweater that would look nice with my black slacks (sound familiar Wendy? After all, I am a professional woman too!)BUT - on the sweater were embroidered and beaded bright colored flowers, fruits, geometirc designs, and so forth. It reminded me of soemthing out of Whoville in the Grinch movie. Kind of extreme.
I wore it to school with a hotpink name tag - LUCY the LIBRARY LADY. That's who I was. But...NO ONE commented on my costume! Not a teacher nor a student. They thought I liked to dress that way, I guess. I felt like s floozy librarian!