Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

Last night I took a much-needed hour to enjoy my favorite time of year (love, love, love that crispy-cool-breezy-snappy-nippy early autumn season!) after the kids went to bed. While I am sorely tempted to lock them in their rooms, lock the front door, and see if anyone notices I'm gone, I did the responsible mommy thing and had a neighbor stay with them.

Apparently Grace had a bloody nose while I was gone. I checked and rechecked the facts, as Grace is my only child who, to date, has never had a bloody nose. Mercie gets them regularly (that happens when you fall asleep picking your nose each night), and Mia is prone to them (that happens when you throw such freaking huge tantrums that you break little blood vessels in your nose), and even Eric has had a couple. But not Grace. Until last night.

This morning I saw the evidence on the blankets. Mystified--but not really expecting an answer--I asked Grace why her nose bled.

Very matter-of-factly she clued me in: "Well, I was picking my nose to get some boogers out and I had my finger in it like this [demonstrates], and Mia just banged my hand very hard and my nose started bleeding."

Mia indignantly corrected her. "I did NOT bang you very hard; I slapped you very hard."

Just so we're clear.

Mia may not always be my most obedient, thoughtful, kind, or well-behaved child, but she is rather insanely honest. Ya gotta kinda like that in a kid. I'd like that in more adults.


Rhonda said...

It sounds like Emily and Grace still match up to Mia and Julia. Julia has recently had bloody noses from picking..Emily has never had a bloody nose. Julia doesn't think twice about whiping out a lie..Em has been pretty honest so far. That was just a funny story!

Becky and Chris said...

That's so funny! Let's be certain of what exactly happened. Nose picking can be quite a dangerous sport. Douglas is a master and leaves disgusting snail style trails of them on the wall, ick!

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your girls! You are the best mom!

mommymuse said...

MK, I just love you!