Saturday, November 01, 2014

Why Family Matters: A Photo Essay


July 2014 I met Annie. She was almost four years old and weighed 18 pounds. She was so weak that she could barely pull herself into a sitting position.

October 2014. Annie has been home for three months. She is up to 30 pounds. She scoots all over the house. She pulls up on furniture and puts things in her mouth. She babbles ALL. THE. TIME. She loves hugs and kisses. She giggles nonstop. She is so, so, so happy.

Every child deserves this kind of love. Every child deserves a permanent, forever home. Every child deserves people who notice them and care about them and plan for them and find joy in them. That kind of care doesn't come from nannies or orphanages or social workers or temporary foster homes.

Families matter. Just ask Annie.


Lewis Family said...

AUGH! She is so stinkin' cute! Thanks for sharing.

Julie Nance said...

Wonderful. :) you are the perfect mama for her.