Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kindness Things 1 & 2

In honor of my fortieth birthday quickly approaching, the kids and I have decided to celebrate by doing 40 acts of kindness. Today we kicked things off with our first two celebrations.

First, we cleaned out the garage and held a "Free Sale " with all the stuff that we hauled out to the curb. I posted an ad online and within an hour most of the stuff was gone. I've still got a 1970-era mustard yellow toilet in good working order, though, if you want it. I can't figure out how that little gem escaped notice.

Second, the kids packaged up fresh raspberries and brought them to people around the neighborhood. I was up in Logan yesterday for work, and on the way home I picked up a flat of Cache valley raspberries and a bag of fresh peaches. Oh my goodness, so yummy! It was fun to share the bounty.

We are beyond blessed with many good neighbors, including lovely people who treat my yard like their own. They are the reason my yard is anything other than a dirt patch. One particularly diligent gardener is a fellow adoptive momma, though her children are all grown and now giving her lovely grandchildren. She takes a special delight in my kiddos.

This morning she was the very first person to get raspberries. Mia came back from the delivery this morning and said, "Mom, she was sitting on her front porch reading Calvin and Hobbes. I knew I liked that lady!"

Me, too.

Our first acts of kindness were woefully inadequate thank-yous for people right around us, who bless our lives every day--but the thanks is heartfelt, and kindness begins at home.


Alisha Hagey said...

You are so inspiring. What a wonderful idea and a true celebration. Your kids are so lucky to have you. I feel privileged to know you. Happy early birthday to a truly remarkable lady.

Michelle Bray said...

You have inspired me for the month of November. Great idea Wendy!

tren said...

What a great idea. My fortieth is just around the corner, so maybe I'll do something like that, too!

Sindea Horste said...

Wendy, you and your wonderful children make me proud to call you a dear friend and a fellow human being. I want to be you when I grow up.