Monday, October 17, 2011

Children: The Benefits

Anyone who is a parent knows how completely humbling the task can be. However, I've noticed that they can also be quite good for the ego. Mine aren't teenagers yet. Enough said. Here are some reasons I keep them around:
  • they think I sing better than anyone on the radio
  • they are pretty sure people would pay $100 for one serving of my teriyaki glazed salmon
  • they are certain that no one can do harder math than Mommy (oh, how I'm enjoying that one while it lasts--which will probably be another month, or fourth grade, at which point they'll surpass me in ability).
  • they think I'm just as pretty as Sandra Bullock and waaaaaay prettier than Miley Cyrus
  • they are convinced that anyone who doesn't want to marry their mom is a complete imbecile and totally beyond all hope
  • in a discussion about how faith can move mountains, they wanted to know which ones I've moved recently
Definitely keepers, these kids of mine.

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Lewis Family said...

You are blessed. (just spending a little time catching up on blogs, maybe I'll update mine...)