Sunday, May 30, 2010

Favorite Things

According to author Gary Chapman, there are 5 primary love languages we human beings use: physical touch, acts of service, gifts, quality time, and words of affirmation.
Each one is important for any healthy relationship, but most of us have a couple primary methods that are particularly meaningful to us.
It shouldn't surprise anyone that words are especially important to me.
One reason I'm so fond of words is that they continue on. When I'm having a rough day, kind words expressed in the past lift me out of the temporary mud. I can save cheery notes and reread them 80 or so times. I can scroll through uplifting texts on my phone and feel just as buoyed as I did when they first beeped through.
One of my new favorite things about motherhood is that my kids are old enough now to write me love notes.
Grace passed me the one above a few weeks ago as she scooted past me after Sacrament Meeting. It made me smile.
Grace--and the other kids--are with their dad this weekend, and I kinda miss them. Today in church I pulled out my music book and her note fell out. It made me smile. Again.
I tucked it back in so I can see how many days--and how many smiles--I'll get from that torn scrap of paper filled with first-grader handwriting.
Ten bucks says if it's still around twenty years from now it will still make me smile & feel the love from my baby girl.

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