Monday, November 02, 2009

Thanksgiving Traditions

Somewhat unexpectedly the kids are going to be with me on Thanksgiving. Since I a.) don't have it in me to do the big dinner thing this year, and b.) want to make the most of a whole, entire day at home with my kids, I told the kids that this year for Thanksgiving we'd start a new tradition called "You-can-each-choose-one-thing-to-make-for-Thanksgiving-dinner-and-Mommy-will-help-you-make-it-all-by-yourself."

Mommy didn't think this one out very well. Here is our Thanksgiving Day Menu:

Mac & Cheese (Grace)
Ramen Noodles (Mia)
Hot Chocolate (Mercie)
Doughnuts (Eric)

I tried to steer them toward more traditional choices, but I was reminded that I'd said they could choose. Okay-dokey.

If anyone needs more starchy carbs to round out Thanksgiving Day feasting, apparently you can just stop by our house.


Julie said...

Sweet! What a great menu! You can be certain that you won't be scraping bits of unwanted green beans and yams in to the garbage.

Becky said...

I believe you may be seeing my kids for Thanksgiving this year :) I think if I were to take to your method we'd be having crepes, apples, and ramen noodles for our feast.

Monica English said...

Awesome! My kids would LOVE to eat at your house.

XR4-IT said...

Those were all foods I used to love, and I thought they were really fun to eat all the time.... what happened?

Vongsawad Family said...

Holy crap! Good luck with that!

Megan B said...

MMMmmmm.... a child's Thanksgiving Dream Menu!! After our dinner this year, Kinley informed me that her favorite part of the meal was the chips.