Friday, April 17, 2009


If you can see past this embarrassingly bad picture, taken with my embarrassingly old camera, because the much better picture I took with my cell phone can't be uploaded, as I'm embarrassingly technologically illiterate,

You will note that my daughter Mia has a double row of teeth.

Two of her adult bottom teeth have grown in behind her baby teeth.

The dentist assures me that this is normal, and since her baby teeth are a weensy bit loose, we're just going to wait for them to fall out. In a few years we'll know if she needs braces or not. Hoping for not.

Personally, I think it's extremely cool that Mia is a five-year old sharktooth. She's rather sensitive about it, and has been keeping her lips together ever since the first tooth broke the gums. I had to threaten and bribe to get the picture.

With one row of teeth or two, she's still the prettiest little newly-minted five year old around.


Becky said...

That's funny that you should have a shark tooth too! Yesterday I took Reed to the dentist to get his front to baby teeth removed because his shark teeth weren't getting the hint. It looked so funny because the old ones had kept getting more and more bucked as the new ones grew in. For his bravery the shark fairy gave him 2 dollars last night.

Lisa said...

Dallin had the exact same thing happen with both of us front top teeth. I didn't know it was possible!

Christiejo said...

Brianna had that, or was it Jeffrey? Anyway, the tooth did fall out and then the "shark teeth" moved forward. Actually, I never realized before this happened that teeth move forward. Jeffrey's front tooth did that too and now they are both in the same spot with the same amounts of gum showing. Funny. My sisters were really concerned that his gums wouldn't be lined up with the two front teeth, but no worries, now they are!