Monday, June 24, 2013

The L Word

Shortly after arriving home from their dad's house last weekend, I commenced the dreaded hair-combing event with my girls. About halfway through Grace's tangled afro, she said, "Mommy, did you and Daddy get divorced because you are a lesbian?"


Comb paused, hand frozen in the hair. Oh boy, their daddy is going to get it with both barrels if this is what he's telling the kids. 

"Well, is it?"

"No. Grace, where did you get that idea, and what in the world made you think of that?"

Shrug. "Nothing. I knew it would surprise you and I thought you might stop combing my hair for a minute because you were so surprised, and then I could have a break. It worked."

Heaven help me. Literally.

Fast forward an hour. It's Mia's turn now, and she's yelping in time to each tangle. After a few minutes:

"So, mom, are you a lesbian?"

"Nice try, kiddo. Grace already tried that one."

"Dang it. Grace thinks of all the good ideas."

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