Tuesday, January 17, 2012

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things. Again.

Yes, it is time once again for the list of things that make my life happier.
  • Havarti Cheese. Where, oh where, have you been my entire life? However did I exist without you?
  • Smoked Jack Cheese. I had forgotten about this, but thankfully Dad reminded me by giving me a huge, HUGE block of it at Christmas time. The kids decided they don't like it, which just means more for me. I am slowly savoring a little each day, doling it a bit at a time. My hope is that it will last until October.
  • Kind words. Self-explanatory.
  • New slippers! Thanks to Holly, and Christmas.
  • A luxuriously warm & comfy robe, thanks to Mom & Christmas. Also, it is bright red, which is just awesome.
  • Lay's Garden Tomato and Basil potato chips
  • Maggie's Organics all-cotton socks. Oh yum!!! Comfort food for your feet. I am so in love I don't think my toes will ever accept anything else.
  • Gardein Mandarin Orange Chick'n frozen entrees. Seriously yummy meatless food.
  • Family home evening lessons taught by one of my kids. They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It's sometimes challenging being the mother of such brilliant and talented children. Tough to keep up. But oh, how I love being amazed by them!
That is all for now.

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Becky said...

Oh, Havarti...and purple grapes...heaven.