Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcome to Nerdtown

This was my day today:

Woke up for some ridiculous reason at 6am. Decided that I'm done thinking about repainting my bedroom--it's time to just do it. By 6:15am the paint was stirred, brushes were rounded up, and moulding was taped off. Given that it required several coats I didn't actually finish until 3pm, but for a paint job accomplished alternately in my underwear and my pajamas (I decided that I didn't want to risk getting paint on my jammies so I took advantage of being home alone to strip down), it turned out dang good. My only concern is why on earth I waited so long.

Event no. 2--I got a new dishwasher. I was too cheap to pay for installation, so until I can either figure it out from youtube videos or con someone into helping me, my days of handwashing are not quite at an end--but they are close. The new one is black. It's pretty.

I went to a dance. A real, grown-up one. There were a surprisingly high number of men there. Many of them were the same age as my grandpa, but still.

Also, I took a small break from my vegetarian lifestyle to have In-and-Out, and it was very good. Of course.

The day's highlight: finding a beyond-fabulous collection of essays by every major existentialist philosopher, all in one beautiful volume, tucked away on a bottom shelf at Barnes & Noble. It made my whole week.

Conclusion: I am a nerd.

But I am a nerd with exquisite taste and a lovely bedroom.


tren said...

I have a new black dishwasher, too, and I love it! What color did you paint your bedroom?

Alisha said...

Sounds amazing (and I love the sound of the collection of essays - makes me want to rush down to Barnes and Nobles and search for it!

Enjoy being a nerd. Bask in it. You are surrounded by a bunch of other nerds (we all seem to flock together).

Sher said...

You are a lovely nerd!!!