Wednesday, August 03, 2011

It's the Little Things

You know what I love? I love it when someone waits to hold a door open for me. Not sure why that totally makes my day, but it does.

I like it when people open doors for me in general, but there is something about a person actually standing there, waiting for you to catch up from twenty feet away, holding the door open for no other reason than the fact that you'll eventually get to it and need it open, that just makes me all warm and fuzzy. It's like the kindness of opening a door, times ten. I love the implicit kindness of setting aside a few seconds of their own rushed schedule to do a small nice thing for someone else (in this case, me).

And yes, it's on my mind because it just happened a few moments ago. Mr. Anonymous Stranger Who Took The Time To Make My Day, a thousand blessings and good karma on your head.


tren said...

When I drop off Jillian at school, I watch to see that she gets in okay. Sometimes, she'll stand there forever, holding the door open for other kids, parents, teachers, whoever. I'll sit there thinking she needs to hurry up and get in there herself or she'll be late, but she truly has such a sweet and loving personality that I'm not surprised really to see her do that little service for so long for so many.

the Villamor's said...

i love when teenage boys hold the door open for when they see me(or another woman) from the corner of their eye as they are about to enter a room. They open the door and allow the fair maiden to pass through. I like to say "thank you! your Mother taught you well!".