Monday, May 02, 2011

Favorite Things

That's right, it's time for another post of Wendy's Current Favorite Things. Ready?
  • So Delicious Coconut Almond Mini Bars (check the frozen section of your local health food store). SOOOO yummy. Like the brand name says, SO Delicious! Super decadent "ice cream" treat for those of us who try to avoid dairy. Mmmm....
  • Bath & BodyWorks Aromatherapy Body & Shine Energy Orange-Ginger Shampoo. Whew! That's a mouthful. Of words, not soap. Don't eat the shampoo. No matter how good it smells. And it does. Smell good. My apologies if I've shared this one before. It's been one of my favorite things for awhile.
  • Big, fluffy pillows and comforters. After the kids swiped every single pillow I owned (what--just because Mommy has multiple pillows on her bed they have to, also?) I finally replenished my stock, right around the time that my darling Smolly sent me a huge load of new blankets, comforters, shams, and who knows what else, that she purchased and immediately decided she didn't want after all. Now I have about 18 inches of fluff on my bed, plus a half dozen bulging, comfy pillows, and hanging out in bed is so luxurious I never want to get out.
  • My green Chinese silk bathrobe that Santa so graciously brought a few months ago. Have I already blogged this one? Well, it's worth repeating. La-la-la-love it! Robe + bed = I may never leave my bedroom again.
  • Avocados. When I was a little girl I could not fathom what my parents saw in these slimy, gaggy green things. Now I could eat one every day, and thanks to Sunflowers, most days I do.
  • Having three bathrooms. With two of them in varying stages of construction/remodeling, I'm feeling particularly grateful that we have three. Please, please do not let me be jinxing myself and have something go massively wrong with bathroom no. 3!
  • Sandra Bullock movies. Because sometimes you just need a movie break, and who doesn't like "While You Were Sleeping" the forty-fifth time?


Becky said...

You know, he was "leaning." Gotta love Joe Jr. and his tight shirts. "I got ice capades...I know a guy."

Oh, we have lots of the same favorite things! Avacodos, I too had that same opinion as a child, no more!
Chris got me some of those aroma therapy BBW body washes for Christmas but he got me all masculine scented ones so he uses them. I'll have to get the kind you love on my own.
That robe sounds luxurious! Ever since you chastised me on my old lady night gowns I've tried to find prettier sleepwear. Not working out so well yet.

Savannah said...

"While You Were Sleeping" is one of my all time favorites! I can never see that movie too many times. I also love "Ever After".