Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just Another Quick Little TMI Session

I was just reviewing my 2010 goals and I realized that I'd better hurry if I'm going to claim success on the TMI front.

So, without further ado, here is the possibly-last-of-2010-random-dose-of-Wendy-trivia:

  1. I adore stinky-breath foods like garlicky hummus and onion-glazed salmon. Mmm...
  2. I took a weightlifting class this past semester. Shut up--I can hear your shocked gasps all the way through the computer screen. So maybe I audited it--I still went sometimes. And I'm a little bit more trimmed and toned than I was before...really.
  3. Recently I tried a new hairstylist. When I explained to her what type of style I was going for she said, "Oh, I get it! You want Victoria's Secret hair! That's what we call it in this business, anyway." Um, yeah. You can call it that, and in my head I'll call it something else.
  4. I'm trying to get up my nerve to try waxing my armpits. Not brave enough yet, though.
  5. One of the more boring--albeit safe and predictable--aspects of single parenthood is always knowing exactly what Santa is bringing me for Christmas. I can't exactly complain--I always get what I want, or at least, what I wanted the family to get.
  6. A luxury that I don't indulge in nearly as often as I'd like is wandering around art museums. Not that I know anything about art; I just like looking.
  7. A couple of months ago the Divine Ms. B and I had pedicures and decided to try glitter toes. Holy heck!!! I STILL cannot get that stuff off my big toes!!!! I've chipped and pried and chiseled, I've softened and cleansed, oiled and sanitized....nothing. Well, little bits have come off, leaving ugly splotchy glittery blue patches on my toes, but those patches have taken up permanent residence. It's like sparkly blue mold. Good thing it's December, not June.
  8. When no one is around and I'm home alone I like putting my hair up in braids. It looks exactly how you'd think a 3-year old little girl hairstyle looks on a closer-to-40 year old woman. Why do you think I only do it when I'm home alone?
  9. Sometimes I let my girls do my hair. Sadly, it often looks better than when I do.
  10. One of my favorite possessions is a fabulous headboard that I found at a yard sale for $8. Yes, that's EIGHT whole dollars! I sanded it down and painted it black, and it makes me smile every time I see it.

Now you know a bit more than you wanted to know about my wonderful life. Feel better?


Veronica said...

Great Post!

as for the glitter not coming off...try using pure acetone nail polish remover. you can get it at the beauty supply store for about $2-$3. It will dry out your cuticles a bit but just use lotion or cuticle oil after.

Becky said...

I also like the stinky foods but, like the alcohol drinking parent who tells their kids not to drink, I would prefer it if I was the only one offending with my breath.