Monday, April 06, 2009

General Conference: The Tot Time Version

I am a total General Conference junkie. I live for the first weekends of April & October. This is my parents' fault. Along with Nephi, I can say the whole "been born of goodly parents, yadda, yadda, yadda..." who also instilled in me a deep love of our church leaders and a serious addiction to Conference time.

I'm making every effort to pass the craving along to the kiddos.

The rest of this post is all Megan's fault, because I borrowed her Prophet & Apostles flashcard idea, which had all sorts of interesting consequences.

On Friday I signed a contract listing our house for sale. Yikes! Scary and exhilarating and very peacefully right. I told the kids that we would start looking for a new house. Mia asked if we could please move next to President Monson.

Seeing a teaching opportunity, I told her that we didn't need to live next to the prophet, because we have a bishop who has been called by God to help us and lead us. I explained who he was in terms she could understand (Lucy's dad), and since we seemed to be on a roll I also tossed in the term 'stake president.'

Mia: I don't want Lucy's dad to be our bishop! I only want him to play with me at his house.

Grace: (frantically flipping through the flashcards) MOM! MOM! But where is Erynn's uncle in these? You forgot him! [yes, we had to go through the discussion of general authorities and stake presidents one more time].

Conference itself was the best.

Eric (re: President Uchtdorf): Hey, what the heck--where's his airplane??

Mia (upon hearing Elder Cook refer to his grandpa): WHAT??!! He has a grampa?! That's impossible. Grampas can't HAVE grampas.

Mia (re: President Eyring): Hey--he likes to paint, like me. I think that means he is a little girl.

Mercie (upon being told that Elder Bednar likes football): Oh. Did he ever kick a ball up to the ceiling and break his mom's light? [Can you tell what ELSE happened at our house Saturday morning? Sigh.]

Another awesome Conference, made even better (more fun, anyway) with the insights of the four sweet beasties (or is that 'beastly sweeties'?).


Monica English said...

So tell me how you do it? Conference is often a crazy, noisy, frustrating experience at our house and I've kind of given up on thinking it will not be that way until I don't

Becky said...

At least that says something went in. I loved conference too and had to have it on in every room where it could be broadcast, thus seeping, consciously, or subconsciously, into my boys heads. They're all great talks and it seems they were all talking directly to me, especially the attending the temple more part.

Megan B said...

Heh, heh, glad they could be so USEful :) your little beasties are so funny :)