Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Slightly Snooty Event

This Friday is the monthly snobby get-together. Just to clarify, ANYONE is welcome to attend. You don't even have to RSVP; you can just show up. It's not snobby because it's exclusive--it's snobby because some of us are good at pretending to be smart so we can hang out with people who are genuinely smart. Both types are usually represented at these shin-digs.

I have to grill lots and lots of chicken and pork (like, 30-40 pounds worth) before our salon. Consider this an open invitation to come early and help grill, if you'd like. You can even bring your own meat to throw on, or anything else to feed your face. I am lazy to the max--I'm not going to plan so much as a potluck; if you want dinner, bring it. I'll probably start around 6:30-7pm-ish. You don't have to 'help--' if you want to just stand around and laugh at me & Betsy trying not to burn the garage down, that's okay, too.
We'll still talk books or something around 8:30, if you need to put kids to bed or squeeze in a hot date before the 'salon.'

PS--for those in the dinner group, did you get that all this grilled meat means Grilled Chicken Pesto Pizzas for March? I'm so excited!

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XR4-IT said...

Put me down for the pretend to be smart side of the crowd…