Monday, March 02, 2009

The March Non-Book Snobby Book Thingy

March is proving to be slightly chaotic. With apologies for the semi-later-than-usual notice, here's the deal:

Friday, March 13, 8:30pm, my house. No book this month; we're talking Important Issues & Stuff.

I tried to nail it down to a specific topic, most especially because Eric had a very compelling argument for the role of media in civic involvement, and he used so many big words in persuading me that he proved himself a lifelong member of the snobby & elite salon group. But even as I typed out a blog post detailing the topic, I knew in my heart of hearts that we'd probably meander all over the universe, as usual, and so it seemed pointless to dictate a central theme.

If this sounds too dull, consider this: I thought about doing a group viewing of the Emma Thompson/Hugh Grant Sense & Sensibility, but I think even being surrounded by favorite people wouldn't make that more palatable.

For April--Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I haven't read it since I was ten or so. This should be fun.

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