Thursday, January 22, 2009

The "It's Not a Book Club" Intellectually Snobby Event for February

Let's make one thing totally clear:

This is NOT a book club.

Yes, we read books, often all the same book. Yes, we get together and talk about those books (and lots of other tangential and random things). Yes, the books are often the only common bond among a diverse and intriguing group.

But it is NOT a book club.

Humor me on this one, because I have a deep-seated aversion to book clubs, to the point that I've sworn not to join one. If we call this a book club, A.) I break my vow, B.) I lose the pretentious snobbery of calling it a salon and instead sound like every other 30-something Mormon housewife who reads "The Secret Life of Bees" and "Ya-Ya Sisterhood" for her Enrichment book club (not that I have anything against either of those books because in fact I love them both, and not that I have anything against Enrichment books clubs--oh wait, I do--but I believe my non-conformist streak and superiority complex are well established, and I simply can't do what everyone else does), and C.) calling it a 'club' somehow sounds rather exclusive because clubs are formal and have rules and members and official schedules, and my little shindigs are quite the opposite.

Oh yeah, and around here (UT county), book clubs seem to be almost exclusive to that same 30-something Mormon housewife demographic I mentioned--which I obviously have nothing against because I am myself part of that demographic--but personally, I just really, really like talking and being with people with lots and lots of different ideas, perspectives, experiences, and beliefs, which can't happen in a homogenous and insulated world where we're all the same age, gender, marital status, socioeconomic level, etc, etc.

Plus I just really like calling it a 'salon.'

So now that you've got that it is most definitely not a book club, here's the scoop for February:

Friday, February 20th, 8:30pm, my house

"Seeking Enlightenment Hat by Hat: A Skeptic's Path to Religion" by Nevada Barr. I have a copy of the book if anyone needs it, although it's currently loaned out with two more people waiting in line. I explained this to Julie last night as, "If you like C.S. Lewis, this is kind of like C.S. Lewis on crack." Great book--I can't wait to hear what people think.
P.S.--It's not a book club.


Christiejo said...

I'll check it out next time I go to the library. Thanks for posting it on the blog! Oh, and I need to start reading Mansfield Park. I never really liked it in the little that I read, so, I shall suffer with you!

Nemmer said...

Shoot! I'm reading the book, and enjoying it, but just realized your salon is on the same day we have plans to be out of town. Bummer! But thanks for the recommendation anyway. :)