Monday, December 22, 2008

Confidential: To My Students

It says "confidential," and I bet the rest of you are all still reading this anyway. Suit yourself--it's a completely boring, only-of-interest-to-my-students post.

1.) You were right. The scheduling office messed up for 2010 next semester. I can't teach during that scheduled time, and I didn't want to take anyone else's class, so I won't be teaching at all next semester. Don't run down and complain to the dept. office--it wasn't their mistake and they feel really badly about it. I'm supposed to tell you that the person who is teaching a late T/Th class in LA is a great instructor and you'd enjoy him a lot (as per John Goshert).

2.) Final grades for this semester are up and posted. I'll keep all papers, exams and misc. rubbish from the class through the end of next week, then they'll be recycled for scratch paper in the tutoring center. Call or email me if you want to stop by and pick things up so I can make sure I'm here.

3.) I was looking forward to seeing so many of you again next month. Sigh. But we can still be friends! And you can still come talk books with us, because that was great fun and I think you'll love the January picks :). Watch for info...

4.) Have a super Christmas. Be safe in all this snow (especially if you insist on late-night sledding trips--people die in sledding accidents! I'm serious! Protective headgear, my friends).

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