Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Now Why Didn't I Think of That?

Apparently my jammy problem is solved, thanks to my good friend's husband.

It does bring up a new point, however. My friend (we'll call her Etsy) and I have a running competition for the Queen of Bad Fashion Taste crown. Self-proclaimed title, since I've never actually seen Etsy wear anything that would give her claim. After seeing the creation above, I'm pretty certain we were both off base, and the real Queen of Horrendous Style is her husband, who for the sake of blogging anonymity we'll refer to as Eve.

Just to head off the squawks of protest I can already hear floating down the street (that would be Eve squawking, not Etsy, who is probably snickering into her hand as she reads this post while choking out reassurances to Eve that he is actually a paragon of male style and really, honey, you look even hotter than Edward or Barack or Johnny in a suit), let me make just one succinct point:

Red Sweat Pants. In public.

I rest my case. One thing still puzzles me, though. How did the man whose brain came up with the revolting image above manage to spawn Elise? Now, Emily & Ethan, on the other hand--that makes total sense.

I hereby formally renounce the crown and pass it along to a much more deserving recipient. In the echelons of Bloggersville Warped Style Sense, you reign supreme. Long live Queen Eve.

1 comment:

Jacob and Elise said...

Your blog makes my day continuously. Well done.

Oh, and it takes a special kind of person to be able to make it through a Williams family dinner and still have their wits about them. So, well done there too :)