Monday, November 24, 2008

The Jammies Dilemma (Warning: contains bear nudity..a little bare nudity, too)

Item no.2458 that you didn't know (and probably didn't want to know) about me:

I have this thing for cute jammies. They just make my little heart all fuzzy and warm. For real. It's a very simple, tiny thing that makes my life happier. I get very attached to Cute Jammies and everything related--robes, snuggly socks, and adorable slippers. My mom sent me the Cutest Ever Jammies 17 years ago and I wore it down into tatters. Literally. I couldn't give them up. I finally held a retirement ceremony and cried when I put the tissue-thin rags in the garbage. My sister Smolly gifted me the World's Bestest Snuggly Socks for Christmas a few years ago and I was still wearing them when they were threadbare and full of holes.

Why bring this up?

Because apparently "cute" and "warm" don't belong in the same sentence within the minds of current sleepwear designers. Living in the midst of the Rocky Mountains as I do, this is a problem.

Judging from the offerings in the store, sleepwear manufacturers assume that when we women ask for warm jammies, we mean this:

Not so. No warmth factor here.

Or, at the other end of the spectrum, that we must be hunting for this:

Warm it may be. Cuteness leaves something to be desired.

What is a girl to do?


JJJAM&S said...

I am so with you...I love warm snuggly pj's, slippers, blankies, socks! Maybe you can make them? fleece?

Christiejo said...

I love cute jammies too. We found some pajama pants that were actually pretty decent at Old Navy last month and Curtis said, "pick those up for Christmas, they never have anything good around!" I also want fuzzy socks!!