Sunday, October 05, 2008

Things I'm Most Thankful for Right Now:

  • finally, finally, after years and years, finding a lipstick shade that I actually like and want to wear! (Avon Beyond Color Plumping Lip Color with Retinol in Bordeaux, for any of you lip-goop junkies) Of course, now that I've discovered it, the manufacturer will probably discontinue it next month. This might finally cure me of my preference for naked lips. Or not. I'm still pretty partial to naked.

  • Christmas music!

  • children who mostly sleep through the night

  • The Wiggles, Arthur, Disney, Pixar, or anything else that buys me extra sleep on a Saturday morning

  • a bed :)

  • a four-year old who likes to hold me like a baby, snuggle me and pat my head. She's such a little mommy at heart.

  • Great thinkers and writers who challenge me to view the world--and myself--differently and in better, finer ways. Best of all, those who do so from a foundation of faith.

  • Emily, who really deserves a post all to herself, extolling her praises and expounding on her many virtues. Anyone who can stay with my kids for upwards of a week, keep them clean and fed and extremely happy, plus getting the house in better order than it was to begin with, then leave me a note thanking me for the privilege (!!!)....and then to have those four crazy kids ask when I'm leaving again so Emily can come back--well, you just can't put a price tag or adequate label on a blessing like Emily.

  • curling up on the sofa with the kiddos at the end of the day for bedtime stories

  • working with truly wonderful people--intelligent, interesting, efficient, caring, and decent colleagues makes work more than enjoyable

  • the scriptures

  • being surrounded by friends; rediscovering old friends and treasuring new ones

  • watching the sunset across the valley from the temple. It never gets old. It always feels like home.

  • having perhaps the best students yet this semester. I think I say this every semester, but this particular crop is especially delightful. I love rubbing shoulders with bright, motivated, inquisitive, thoughtful young scholars. I actually get paid for this!

  • Marina, the very best stylist in the world

  • Hummus, pita chips, chocolate chip cookies, homemade brownies, and "bubbly"! Even better, the bestest (and Betsyest--sorry, couldn't resist) friends who shared them with me

  • Fool, I'm a Woman, by Sara Evans. He he.
  • Thermacare heat wraps and ibuprofen. Don't need 'em often but when I do, nothing else will do.
  • a three year old little man who has to keep coming back for one more bedtime kiss from his 'bootiful' mommy. Am I the luckiest mama or what?


Becky and Chris said...

That's an awesome list! I'm there with you in the naked lips category. I just cannot find a color I like other than clear. Lipstick looks great on other people but on me, not so much.
What and where do you teach? You've probably already told me and I do pay attention to conversations it's just that I have a very bad memory which I personally think is either linked to past seizures or the medication I am on. As long as people don't call me on it, I'll ignorantly go on with my life seeing everything anew, even though I've already experienced it, I wouldn't know.

Becky and Chris said...

Hey, it's me again. You mentioned wanting my duck picture. I don't have your email address. I took it 2 years ago in Holland, MI at their tulip festival so being spring and all, the cute little baby animals were out and about. My email is: