Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Prayer for the Children

In scrounging around online over the past week or so, hunting for a quote that I (still) haven't found, I came across this little treasure. I've already read it through several times and I suspect I'll keep reading it a few hundred more. For those of you who are LDS and, like me, wondered why you don't remember seeing this article, apparently it only appeared in the Liahona magazine, not the Ensign. I'm doing my part to share the good word. Here is a link to a wonderful article by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:

If the link doesn't come through you can find it through searching It's in the May 2003 issue of Liahona magazine, titled "A Prayer for the Children," by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. Enjoy the feast! P.S.--don't you just LOVE having living prophets and apostles who speak for God??? As the first day of General Conference draws to a close I'm feeling especially grateful for the blessings of the Restoration!

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Betsy said...

I just read the article. Loved it. Thank you for finding it!!!!