Friday, September 05, 2008

Weighty Matters

My best moments since losing nearly 70 pounds:

1.) Carrying my very heavy 50+ pound daughter up the stairs and realizing that I used to carry MORE than this much extra weight ALL THE TIME! No wonder I have more energy and stamina. No wonder random aches and pains have disappeared. No wonder I can move faster and more easily and life is just a heck of a lot more fun!

2.) This moment has happened a few times, and I enjoyed every single one: running into former students who don't recognize me! What a happy reason to get a second glance from friends.

3.) Shopping for normal size clothes! I forgot how much pure fun shopping can be when you can pick up pretty much anything on the rack and it fits. Lane Bryant can kiss my smaller (and slightly more toned) butt--I've rediscovered the joy of shopping.

4.) When a grocery store checker was skeptical that I was truly the person in my driver's license picture. I could have smooched her right there in the checkout aisle.

5.) I swung Gracie up for a big hug and she wrapped her arms and legs all the way around me! Yay for great hugs, made better, in Gracie lingo, "because Mommy's tummy is waaaay smaller."

I'm less of a person than I used to be, and as Martha Stewart would say, that's a very good thing.


The Hull's said...

Hi this is Cindy from the ldsadoption group.. Congrats on losing 70lbs that is awesome.. May I ask how you did it? I would love to lose 70lbs? I just love your blog and your children are so cute.. Come check out my blog if you want to Have a nice day..

mommymuse said...

No sugar, going to the gym every day, and actually getting some sleep at night! Braxton is a cutie--I don't think I've seen pictures of him yet. What a happy family!

Rhonda said...

Wendy, that is amazing. I am in awe and very envious. I would love to lose weight but I have so much trouble giving up the sugar. I go to the gym 5 days a week and lost about 10 pounds from that but without diet changes, I am stuck. Any secrets on how you gave the sugar up?

I sent you an invite to my blog. I hope you got it.