Monday, September 15, 2008

I Have a Bed, I Have a Bed, I Have a Bed!!!

Sing it with me: I have a bed, I have a bed, I have a bed! It's a very good thing, this having a bed.

In the emotional aftermath of my very recent divorce, the bed was one of the first things to go, for a variety of reasons, most of which should be rather obvious. And for many reasons, most of which are far less obvious, I didn't get around to replacing it right away. In fact, Grace recently announced that for Christmas she was going to get me a bed.

She doesn't need to now because I HAVE A BED, I HAVE A BED, I HAVE A BED!

Even better, I have friends. I didn't think through the whole getting a bed thing very well, and wasn't exactly prepared to cart it home and up the stairs. I had a fuzzy idea of somehow doing it all myself. This was at least semi-plausible because A.) I've been obsessed with proving that I can do really hard, tough things as a kind of psychological knee-jerk response to the inevitable vulnerability that comes with divorce, and B.) I HAVE done some really hard things, like moving a 7-foot leather couch up the stairs all by myself, so theoretically a queen size bed shouldn't be that far from feasible.

Theoretically. In reality I'd been up since 2 am and I couldn't even think through my barely-fleshed out plan of tying the bed to the top of the Suburban (if that's even legal...).

But I didn't have to strain my brain or my back--much--because I have friends. Having a bed is a lovely thing. Having friends is better. Having both is perfect!

Lesson learned: being tough and doing hard things all by yourself is a good thing. Letting people help you sometimes is also a very good thing. I'm counting myself lucky to be surrounded by friends and good people, as this is just the latest of many, many, super-many times I've been saved/aided/rescued/assisted/helped/relieved/supported/served and oh-so-blessed by them. Caring for my kids, bringing us dinner, choosing my clothes (if you know me IRL you understand what a service this is), mowing the lawn, letting me vent, telling me I'm stronger and smarter than I think I am even when it's sometimes a charitable fudging of the truth...
Most times I feel pretty certain that I know what heaven will be like because I already live among angels.
It certainly helps me sleep better at night (pun fully intended).

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Rhonda said...

What...ok, there was some serious news in this post that I was not aware of. You will probably be getting an email.