Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Response to a Response to a...whatever the heck it was


1.) I didn't use the phrase "nintendo playing couch potato" three times. It was at least seventeen times.

2.) Yes, women are just as shallow as men. Sometimes even more so, especially if shoe shopping is involved.

3.) If those yearbook pictures of Mr. McDreamy Debate Man should show up, say on your son's blog (since he has nothing better to do right now, judging from his last blog entry), it might be worth his time posting them. I assume it would pretty much nail my point home, a picture being worth a thousand words and all that.

4.) "There seemed to be a subtle implication that somehow I'm only mad about this because I'm not as hot as Edward is portrayed to be..." Yeah, see number three. However, I do give you a teeny bit of credibility on this one, at least the claim that you had a few years of adequate 'coolness'--or should that be 'hotness' since my argument was based on the relative hotness factor of Edward vs. other men? Anyway, since you did manage to score a wife who is both pretty and smart, I begrudgingly concede this one. Honesty compels me to point out, though, that this same intelligent and beautiful wife of yours is known across thirteen states for her compulsive need to bring home sick, deformed, and universally pathetic creatures, and I've noticed that the more pathetic they are, the more she loves them. Draw your own conclusions.

5.) Bald men ARE sexy, but that's another post entirely. Um, make that "SOME bald men are sexy."

6.) Vampire light bulb jokes? Groan.

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Becky and Chris said...

So, what's this homemade brownie recipe? Must have! It was nice seeing you the other day. We'll be back down next week for fam. pictures. Hopefully they go well and there are no moody boys.