Monday, July 07, 2008

Top Ten Things I'm Most Grateful for Right Now

10.) anything by Jennifer Weiner
9.) Mary Chapin-Carpenter and all my Johnny Cash CDs
8.) Nature's Secret Ultimate Fiber (my sisters know what I'm talking about)
7.) Barack Obama. Nothing to do with politics--I just like having someone so sexy running for president. Yep, it's totally shallow. I'm trying to decide if sexiness is a valid reason to vote for someone. Save the hate comments; I'm only partly serious. Maybe.
6.) Children who dress themselves. Even better, older children who have learned how to change the younger ones' diapers. And they especially like changing poopy ones. They use half a package of wipes, but hey--I'm good with that. Anything that decreases my own poop exposure. (Is it just me, or is poop a frequent theme in my posts? Christa, I know what you're going to say...)
5.) Trident Original Gum.
4.) a good gym
3.) a good therapist
2.) smart people. Even better, smart people who like me. (I mean, obviously they like me, since they are smart...)
1.) Adri, Erynn, all of the Emilys, Lexie, Lucy, Mariah...all the people who help mother my babies, save my sanity, and make our home a happier place. Like Grace says, "She's not a babysitter--she's our family!" Thank God--and I do--for "family" in whatever configuration it comes.

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